About our Church

Swansea Valley Bible Church is a community of faith in the Swansea Valley and surrounding area. The good news of Christ is at the centre of what we believe and we have a heart for apostolic mission and a Kingdom vision for mobilisation of the people of God to fulfil the Great Commission, and the sending and releasing of saints into the purposes of God.

As well as our regular Sunday Worship we have many groups meeting throughout the week. These cater for all ages from the young to the old.

Our leadership team is led by Andrew Yeoman and they are focused on determining God’s will for the church and the outworking of that will.

Swansea Valley Bible Church has been carried by God’s grace and presence since 1991, and has known God strengthen the work with leaders and a strong body of members. God has brought us to this moment in time, upon the early foundation of the Gospel, to now enlarge our borders and see the tent of the Lord spread into other places, and bring His glorious Kingdom, in the message of Jesus, proclaimed through the people of God.

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