Senior Leadership team

Here at Swansea Valley Bible Church we have a leadership team. Andrew Yeoman is the Senior Minister but we have a group of additional leaders that work alongside him. This means that we don’t overload one person and that the church is able to flourish by utilising the strengths of individuals to benefit the fellowship and more effectively worship God. It also is the structure that was laid out in the New Testament!

The local elders and ministries of SVBC also function as part an apostolic team throughout the valley in our mission together, and in relating to the new church branches.

We also have additional leaders in supporting roles and a fantastic team of people who work together to make sure that all our groups, activities, missions and branch churches are being as effective as they can be.

Andrew & Helen Yeoman

Andrew & Helen YeomanAndrew serves as Senior Minister of SVBC and its wider mission work. He is married to Helen, who serves as an associate minister in the church, and they have three children, Anna, Judah and Bethelia.

His role in the church is to provide vision for the spiritual building of SVBC and her congregations, and also to mobilise the people for mission and serving the Lord. He also serves as team leader of our ministry team here and supports the other pastors of the branch churches. He leads the SHINE mission in Swansea, with the steering team.

Andrew’s spiritual passion is for the visitation of God in the Church and the world; for the Church to rediscover her New Testament roots and calling in promoting the Gospel of Jesus in the 21st Century, and to see a new generation of people bringing the Kingdom of God into this world.

In his spare time he enjoys sports, playing drums, fishing, travelling, keeping tropical fish and spending time with his family.

Andy & Emma Piddington

Andy & Emma PiddingtonAndy serves as one of the Associate Ministers here at SVBC. He is the husband of Emma, and father to Chloe, Ben and Abbie.

Andy & Emma came to serve SVBC in 1992 after being called by God from Okehampton, Devon. His role and heart is for the pastoring of the people, and ensuring they live as whole people in pursuing the things of the Kingdom of God and serving the local church.

As well as pastoring the home congregation in Swansea Valley, Andy also pastored Hope Church, Garnant before handing that over to Barny & Christie Harper.

Richard & Joanne Steadman

Richard & Joanne SteadmanRichard is an Associate Minister in SVBC. He is married to Joanne, and has a daughter called Lydia and a son called Daniel.

As well as ministering locally, Richard serves as part of the mission leadership team that goes out from SVBC and ministers prophetically.

Richard & Jo also lead the River of Live Church in Pontardawe.

Ceirion & Katie Harries

Cei & Katie HarriesCeirion is an Associate Minister at SVBC and also, with Katie, is the pastor at Cribarth Community Church. Cei has served as a lecturer and dean of Biblical training schools.

He is married to Katie, and father to Rachel, Charlotte and Elijah.

Andrew & Sarah Griffiths

Andrew & Sarah GriffithsAndrew is an elder at SVBC, and our Director of Worship & Music.

He is married to Sarah, and father to David, Joshua and Thomas.

He is also a well known composer, music producer and session musician in the UK.

Andrew is one of the original members from the start of the church in 1991. He leads worship at SVBC and also oversees the other worship leaders and musicians.

Barny & Christie Harper

Barny & Christie HarperBarny has been part of SVBC for many years and has a heart for evangelism, pastoring and teaching. He has lived and studied at Bible college in the US, and taught at numerous Bible schools.

He is married to Christie and they have two energetic boys, Joseph and Nathaniel.

They both serve as the pastors of Hope Church over in Garnant, and are also involved in the running of the main congregation in Ystradgynlais.

Peter & Jenny Williams

Peter, and his wife Jenny Williams, serve as ‘honorary’ leaders at SVBC, and have done so for many years.

Peter has served as senior minister at various churches all over the UK, taught and led in Bible schools, and is now providing support to Andrew, the team and the wider missional work at SVBC.

He and Jenny reside in Bridgend, South Wales.

Ray & Anne Lee

Ray and Anne moved to the area a few years ago, escaping the sprawling metropolis of Cardiff. They have faithfully served God in the mission field for many years, mainly in Africa, but now feel called to work closer to home.

They are currently involved in helping out with Cribarth Community Church.

Owen & Anne Clay

Owen & Anne ClayOwen and his wife Anne moved to the Swansea Valley in 2009. They had no idea why they had come to the area, they just saw the house and knew it was the place for them. It turns out that God had a plan and has placed them in SVBC.

They have been married for longer than they care to admit and have a son called Toby.

They both serve as part of the leadership of Cribarth Community Church in Abercrave and are also involved in the running of the main congregation in Ystradgynlais.

Matthew & Natasha Rees

Matt & Natasha ReesMatthew has been part of SVBC since he was a teenager. Having lived in the area and grown up in SVBC he understands the challenges that face the church in the local area.

He is married to Natasha and are senior leaders of the Youth leadership team.

They both serve as part of the leadership of River of Life Church down in Pontardawe and are also involved in the running of the main congregation in Ystradgynlais.

Both Matt and Tash have a heart for the younger generation, those too old for a youth group but still trying to find their place in the church and the world.

Phil & Mef Wolsey

Phil & Mef  have been part of SVBC since they were teenagers. Having experienced a move of the Spirit when young in the SVBC youth group, they have developed a genuine love for the House of God and the wider Kingdom work in the whole area of Swansea and Amman Valley,

They have two children, and reside in the Amman Valley.

They both serve as part of the leadership of Hope Church, Garnant, and are also involved in the running of the main congregation in Ystradgynlais.

Hayley Myles

Hayley has a wonderful testimony of God’s saving grace, and since graduating Teen Challenge, has been involved in many missions and evangelism teams around the UK and the world.

Hayley heads up an intercessory prayer ministry in the Amman Valley each week, and serves along side Barny & Christie in leading Hope Church.

Hayley is also a passionate worship leader in SVBC, and in the Shine Swansea work.

Matthew & Shalome Williams

Matthew and Shalome received a clear call from God to move to the Swansea Valley a few years ago, and were released with great blessing by their home church, led by Shalome’s parents, in 2017.

They assist Cei and Katie in Cribarth Community Church, and lead worship at SVBC.

They have two daughters.

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