Our History

Swansea Valley Bible Church was planted in 1991 by Peter and Lynne Yeoman. They returned to their home-land of Wales from Okehampton, Devon, to plant a church in the Swansea Valley with AOG UK (Assemblies of God). The official opening was at Maesydderwen School, and the first meetings took place in the “Band Room” in Godrergraig. That opening weekend, God signalled His intent to fill the valley with His glory. God set His seal upon the work by visiting the opening meeting with His presence. The next day, in the band room, two local ladies accepted Christ as their Saviour. Over the following months and years, SVBC moved around and met in different halls within the vicinity to accommodate the growing congregation.

During 1992 and 1996, visiting prophets from Bible Temple, Oregon had a profound impact on the church. Today, we stand bearing witness to the fulfilment of much of that ministry.

During 1994-1998, SVBC was impacted by the outpouring happening in the Church across the world, including the ‘Brownsville Revival’ in Pensacola, Florida. SVBC has since become closely linked with staff and affiliates of the then ‘Brownsville Revival School of Ministry’ (BRSM), and now – F.I.R.E. Church and School. SVBC made it a mandate to go after God ‘for such a time as this’. In 1998, the church set out to ‘invest in revival’ and also established their own building when they purchased a factory unit and renovated it as a place of worship. In 1999 and 2000, through the visiting ministry of a BRSM team, the church was led to re-dig the wells of the prophetic.

In 2000, the youth ministry, Kingdom Ablaze, was formed. The group comprised a small company of young adults and youth with a heart for radical lifestyle in Jesus Christ and a vision for apostolic mission. This group eventually grew into what became Europe Ablaze Missionary Society, which was involved in mission both abroad and on home-soil. The group made strong connections with growing fellowships in northern Poland, with which they maintain a strong relationship, as well as other fellowships across Europe and the UK.

In 2006, Swansea Valley Bible Church, with the directing of leaders from within the church and like-hearted churches, founded Kingdom First Training Centre, a school of ministry for training young people to pursue the call of God. The school consisted of recognised spiritual leaders as a faculty, all of them willing to pour their lives and experience into the students.

As of October 2008-2010, it was decided, in following the will of God, to begin linking with other apostolic streams and centres of like mind and vision. We have strong connections with these centres both home and abroad.

On 30th August 2009, during a special weekend of ministry, the baton was passed as Andrew and Helen Yeoman were initiated into Senior Leadership, and Peter and Lynne Yeoman were released to further fulfil the calling on their lives. They left for the USA in January 2010.

Andrew and Helen, in taking up the senior ministerial position, are supported in leadership by the Ministers & Elders of SVBC, and a wider group of spiritual leaders and ministries from apostolic centres and ministries around the UK and the world.

In June 2010, SVBC established Mission Communities – meetings in homes on Sunday evenings within localities throughout the Swansea Valley, Amman Valley and Pencoed. These meetings were in addition to our meeting as one congregation every Sunday morning in Unit 19, Ystradgynlais. The aim of these groups was to see every believer discipled, pastored, and released to then shine the light of the Gospel of Jesus, as living epistles to the communities and people of their area

Since this time, the Lord has developed three of the Mission Communities into new Church plants – River of Life – Pontardawe, Cribarth Community Church – Abercrave, and Hope Church – Garnant (Amman Valley). These churches are branches of the SVBC congregation into the villages and towns in the wider region. They continue to stretch out the Gospel of the Kingdom and are seeing fruit. In addition to this, we are partnering with a local church in Clydach called “Lighthouse Church”. We continue to aim to fulfil the call to invest in prayer & revival and become not only a house of worship, but also a house of prayer for all the nations. Whether we are in Swansea Valley or in another place, our pursuit is the presence of the Lord, and His Gospel to be expressed.

Swansea Valley Bible Church continues to have a heart for apostolic mission and a Kingdom vision for mobilising the people of God to fulfil the Great Commission. As well as missions in the Swansea Valley, UK, Poland, Barcelona and the Isle of Skye, we have held three missions in Pencoed, Bridgend County in 2009, 2010 & 2011. We have also sent out teams to Latvia, Romania and Castle Douglas, Scotland.

In 2014 the Lord refocussed our gaze on Swansea, and we began to pray for our city afresh. For many years the Lord had indicated that He was going to do something apostolic in the valley that was going to go all the way down to the city. But we began to realise that now was the time! So we prepared to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom in the open air over the city. Partnering with a number of Churches and ministers from the area and beyond, the vision of God for the city began to fill our hearts. Thus “Shine” was launched – the dual purpose of which being the need to firstly proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom, but also to begin to equip the believers and Churches of Swansea for fresh restoration of the House of the Lord. Shine is not an organisation, nor is it merely an event – it simply has the purpose of seeing God’s Kingdom take root and affect every area of life within the city – through the local church.

During the first Shine event in Swansea, through the mouths of believing saints, a clear statement of God’s heart was declared: “It is the acceptable time for the Gospel – it is the year of the Lord’s favour!” So often the enemy has tried to dupe the Church in Wales into thinking that although the Gospel has worked in the past, it no longer has the power to change lives and nations. But, in the open air – before principalities and powers – the Spirit of God in the Church made a statement regarding the glorious power of the Gospel of King Jesus – IT IS THE ACCEPTABLE TIME!

In 2016 we continued to press the vision further, seeing over 8,000 people visit the events during the afternoon fun days, and many hundreds during the evening meetings. We were honoured to have Evangelist Daniel Kolenda (of Christ For All Nations) and Marlene Kleepes (who had formally been healed from Multiple Sclerosis) preach the Gospel throughout the event. The two following events in 2017 (with George Verwer) & 2018, were water-shed moments for Shine, and links with elders in the City became strong. God’s presence was remarkable on both occasions. Out of it, links with other like-minded Churches in Scotland, Ireland and England became evident.

CITY-WIDE Prayer: Since, September 2018, Shine now holds ‘City-wide’ prayer evenings in Swansea, for the local churches of the city to pray for spiritual restoration in the city, and the visitation of God. We count it an awesome privilege to partner with God’s Church in Swansea Valley and Swansea city to cry out to God for His purposes to be unfolded in this region.

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