As a church that is serious about seeing the Kingdom of God advanced in the Swansea Valley, we also have to be a church that is serious about praying for the Swansea Valley.

It is only through constant prayer, intercession and petition to God that we can expect to see great things happen. We are already seeing the fruits of this through the mission work we are involved in, as well as the partnerships we are forming.

As a next step, we have committed to have Wednesday evening be the time that we have strategic prayer meetings in all four of our locations.

This means that not only are we meeting at the main SVBC building but we are also having meetings at River of Life Church in Alltwen, Hope Church in Garnant and, finally, the Calvary Full Gospel Church in Clydach also join us in this strategic partnership.

So if you have a desire to see the valley won for Jesus and you’d like to come along and pray, we would welcome you.

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