Partners and Affiliates

At SVBC we believe in mutual relationships with others centres and ministries. This not only gives us great incoming ministry to learn from others, but also a sense of partnership, accountability and unity in vision with what God is doing across the UK and World. Below are those connections. Not only do we receive from all of these places in various ways, but to some we send teams for strength and support in their calling.

Kingdom Fire School of Mission
Kingdom Fire School of Mission (KFSM) exists as part of SVBC. KFSM is a school of growth, combining strong Biblical study with both spiritual and practical training. The aim of KFSM is to train and raise a generation of workers to take the gospel of the Kingdom to all the earth.

FIRE Church
FIRE is a church in North Carolina, USA, that came out of the Pensacola outpouring. We have a relationship with many of their ministries

FIRE School
Based out of the FIRE church, the School focuses on raising up labourers to evangelise the nations. Our own school, KFSM, is linked closely by way of student exchange and faculty support.

The King’s People
Led by Bob Gladstone, The King’s People is a new base in the city of Charlotte. Bob is also one of the faculty at FIRE School.

Living Light Church
Led by Sonny Misar and his team, Living Light Church is part of the AFI network.

New Life Bible Church, London
Led by Rick Johnston, who was originally sent out from Bible Temple, Oregon.

Marilyn Harry (Love Wales initiative)
Marilyn is a close friend on SVBC and serves as an evangelist in the nation and partners with SVBC on their missions.

Malbork Pentecostal Church
Based in Poland, Malbork Pentecostal is a church we have close mission links with.

Peter & Lynne Yeoman
After founding SVBC, Peter & Lynne are associated missionaries serving in the USA and Poland.

Colin & Julia Hurt
Missionaries to Malaysia, splitting their time between there, the UK and the USA.

Cornerstone Church, Singapore
We are building an exciting new partnership with Pastor Yang and Cornerstone Church, Singapore

Danut & Cristina Capatan
Our partners in Romania are working to establish God’s kingdom there. They attend North Point Church, Corbeanca, Bucharest.

New Life Church, Castle Douglas
Another church we have close links with, this time based in Castle Douglas, Scotland. The church is run by Mike & Debbie Smith.

David & Joanne Dando
Friends of the church and attend Brackla Tabernacle church in Bridgend, South Wales

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