Here at SVBC we have a growing media ministry and are actively producing books, music and other resources. Below is a list of those items we have already produced and ways you can order them.

Purchasing books and CDs via this page is only available to those living in the UK (MP3 downloads are available to all countries). If you live overseas, or you wish to enquire about bulk orders, then call +44(0)1639 845200 or e-mail the office with your enquiry.

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Song of ZionSong of Zion

The new worship album from SVBC

Song of Zion has been compiled completely with our own home-grown songs from the worship here at Swansea Valley Bible Church. All of them have been born out of times encountering Jesus in very real and powerful ways during our gatherings. Many of these songs have been created from what we call ‘the song of the Lord’ (prophecy in song) or ‘songs in the Spirit’ birthed through the moving of the Lord in the congregation as we worship. They have come during key moments of God’s purpose in the world and for us, and have propelled us into a greater love of Jesus Christ and all that He has done for us. God has used them to renew us in our vision and mission. They have at times also given us tremendous breakthrough against the enemy!

We want these songs to do the same for you. We pray that God’s Holy Spirit will move upon you as you worship with them, and fan a flame in your heart for the Kingdom of God and all that Jesus our King is speaking and doing in Wales, the UK and the nations of the earth today.

Track listing:

  1. Freedom
  2. Jesus Lives in Me
  3. Song of Zion
  4. Behold the Lion (Upon the Throne)
  5. Redeemed
  6. Jesus the Name
  7. Mighty One (Psalm 45)
  8. Power of the Gospel

If you purchase the download version, you will receive a secure link to your download via e-mail. The download is a ZIP file containing all eight tracks as well as a PDF version of the CD inlay.

Price (CD): £9.99
Price (MP3 Download): £7.00

Foundations from SVBCFoundations

by Larry Lambert, Andrew Yeoman and Andrew Piddington

Foundations has been compiled for the sole purpose of providing new believers in Jesus Christ with a concise introduction to important foundational principles of the Christian faith. These key concise truths have been compiled with a view to the subjects being covered over a short series of eight studies.

Foundations has been written to be used as a study guide to promote discussion and is best used with experienced believers leaders taking new converts through the text.

Price: £7.50

God's Eternal PurposeGod’s Eternal Purpose

by Peter Williams

An introduction to some of the major doctrines taught in the Bible. It is not attempting to deal exhaustively with any of these truths. That work has been done successfully by other more qualified writers who have produced large volumes of Systematic Theology. This book is written to whet the appetite of those Christians who would never read a lengthy theological book. It’s aim is to lead such believers into an appreciation of the glorious life changing truths that the Bible teaches. The author has purposely dropped some of the technical terms used in theology to make the book appeal to readers without much background in Bible study.

The other key aim of the book is to show that all the teachings of Scripture come together in a remarkable way. Each section deals with a distinct doctrine which contributes to the whole theme of the Bible. As the reader works though this study of the Scriptures, they will see very clearly that the whole Bible blends together to give a revelation of God’s Eternal purpose.

Price: £8.99

The King's Decree by Andrew YeomanThe King’s Decree

by Andrew Yeoman with Richard Steadman, Ceirion Harries and Colin Hurt

Themes on the Kingdom of God for the Church’s advancement. There are too few books on the theme of the ‘Kingdom of God’. It has been something of a neglected theme over the last 150 years. But through certain scholars and leaders around the world, God has been reminding the Church of its centrality in Scripture again in recent decades.

This book focusses on these themes and the purposes of the Kingdom of God.

Price: £9.99

Jesus MinistryJesus Ministry

by Andrew Yeoman

For too long the Western Church has chosen to forget the message that has been given to her by the Lord to proclaim and live out, until His return. This has resulted in spiritual ineffectiveness, apathy and a carnality that is not of the Kingdom of God. We may have the masses and the paraphernalia, but the true New Testament lifestyle and power is now seen as secondary, and making disciples is seen as extreme. In this book is the heart cry of God to return to the fellowship, lifestyle and message of His Risen Son, not by affirmation only, but by embracing His Words and His Life as a present reality. Only a true returning to Him will cause the Holy Spirit to release through His people the redemptive ministry of Jesus Christ, and bring a move of revolutionary proportions among the young people of today to reach the world and release Jesus Ministry.

Price: £5.00

Born In The FireBorn in the Fire

by Peter Yeoman

The twentieth century can rightly be called the century of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The very beginning of that century saw a move of God that, over the years, has affected many millions of people across the globe. [This was the Welsh Revival of 1904-05.] Men of great integrity and deep spirituality often pioneered the Pentecostal movements, that resulted from that move of the Spirit. This was certainly the case in the life and ministry of D. P. Williams.

Pastor Dan, as he was known, was a man arrested by God for a special purpose. From the start of God’s dealings with his life he experienced real deliverance from darkness, was filled with the Holy Spirit and gripped with a sense of destiny. The purpose of that destiny was to reveal an order of church government that would enhance the Body of Christ and help shape into a more fitting expression of the Lord Jesus. An essential part of the order of that government would be seen in the recognition and function of the apostles and prophets in the Church today. To this Biblical revelation D. P. Williams committed his life and labours until the Lord took him home.

Price: £9.99
Please contact the author direct to purchase.

Pseudo Grace

by Colin Hurt

Price: £5.00

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